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Permanent Fair Market for your business

Your company products can be inserted in Yiduqiao e-Commerce Platform in China and/or in B2B Marketplaces. You can use this opportunity combined with your own e-Commerce because the data will arrive from our e-Procurement and there is not need to re-introduce any data or information. Also in this case, we manage all the activities: from logistic to delivery both retail and B2B.

Advantages for your company:

  • Fiscal & Customs advantages in Shanghai Free Trade Zone (FTZ)
  • Sourcing / Supply Chain Management
  • Product Labeling and Customs Procedure
  • B2B, e-Commerce, Retail and Social Commerce integrated between among them on site
    • Direct Warehouses Management (Dry, Frozen, Controlled Temperature)
  • Traceability / Product Qualification (Qiaotag)
  • Social Commerce using Chinese social Channels
  • Integrated with Yiduqiao BE-COMMERCE and BE-O2O platform (e-Commerce, B2B, O2O)

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Sunday, 30 November 2014

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Our BE-HUBS for your Business

Through the combined use of our hubs in China and Europe, Yiduqiao is able to manage the products flow directly from the manufacturer to the shelf in a direct manner and in this way can reduce the costs impact on the market in favor of consumers and to be directly involved in the distribution activities on the market.

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Thursday, 09 October 2014

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From Shanghai Yiduqiao the e-Commerce Cross-Border "no cost" for China (and international markets)

Shanghai Yiduqiao (Qiao Lab Group) launches 1Dute International (, the first chinese e-Commerce Cross-Border Chinese with the formula "Zero Cost e-Commerce" that allows International companies to sell in China in a easier and safer way, thanks own Yiduqiao Hubs in China and abroad.

"A formula that allows you to break down all barriers, and so you can sell directly on the Chinese e-Commerce market, which count over 300 million users, with a solution 'tailor made' for any company scale," says Alberto Fattori Managing Director of Qiao Lab, the Chinese company based in Shanghai and owner of 1Dute International e-Commerce.

"Chinese consumers increasingly buy Cross-Border (from abroad in e-Commerce), to access the best deals and products, and be sure of their provenance and origin," says Yuan Wei Hong Qiao's Managing Partner Lab, "through our International Hubs we can select and qualify the best products to be placed on our e-Commerce, as well as in cooperation with companies, enable appropriate strategies for O2O distribution (Online-Offline) so as to cancel the distance to China in favor of consumers hungry for International quality and at the same time, maximize the action of companies in China ".

Thanks to e-Commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay, until now many of the purchases made by consumers in China are related to American products. "With 1Dute International and the combined use of our International Hubs," continues Yuan Wei Hong Qiao's Managing Partner Lab, "we help to enlarge the origin base of certified products for Chinese consumers, and at the same time, International companies can access to a logistics and scalable distribution infrastructure".

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Sunday, 30 November 2014

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