Shanghai Yidu Qiao Digital Commerce Co., Ltd. Our Advantages

Shanghai Yidu Qiao - The BE-Commerce Company

BE Chinese company offers us several advantages that we want to share with you to create value for your company in China and Abroad.

Our Hubs for your Products

We are based in Shanghai Free Trade Zone (FTZ) and we can implement an import & distribution strategy for China and Asian Country with our global supply chain. (More Info)

Our E-Commerce in China for your Brands

One partner to manage your E-Commerce activities in China and abroad. Our Cross-Border and Chinese E-Commerce, Tmall, JD or other e-Commerce all in one!.([] (More Info)

Our inShop activities everywhere

With our own Platform we manage O2O activities for your Brand & Products in China and Abroad, combining different Channels (Real Shops & E-Commerce). (More Info)

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