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1DUTE "Zero Cost": our e-Commerce Cross-Border for your e-Business in China (and international markets)

1DUTE "Zero Cost" is a special offer for companies, manufacturers, shops, boutiques, international stockist who intend to sell their products in China on Chinese e-Commerce Platform or Cross-Border mode and in the latter case with the option of sending their products directly from their country at the time of their purchase.

1DUTE "Zero Cost" is also designed to allow companies to be able to carry out market tests directly in China with a wide range of its products and/or products in their new edition/packaging and thus drastically reduce the cost of this phase often very critical. Only after the outcome of this test, the company can decide to send the best performing products in China and so being able to activate the process of direct selling "China about China", integrating it with traditional channels in a single country distribution strategy.

How It Works

Yiduqiao is a Chinese company based in Shanghai Free Trade Zone with Chinese licenses in order to manage directly E-Commerce activities, Import/Export, Retail/Wholesales, Cross-Border and O2O (off-line to on-line) and has its own distribution platforms, B2B and e-Commerce (B2C).

1DUTE "Zero Cost" is a special section of our BE-Commerce platform that allows you to sell on B2B channel (Professionals) and B2C (retail). The difference between the two channels is that the B2B customer will be required a minimum purchase quantity of products, as established by your company in our procurement (cartons, pallets, containers), at the same time to the Retail customer will be allowed to purchase a single product.

How to join to 1DUTE "Zero Cost"

1) Subscription to the program here

2) For selected companies:
- account activation on our eProcurement of our BE-Commerce Platform
- Enter the products you want to sell in your assigned account
- management in cooperation with the Yiduqiao team of the final version of product descriptions and after activation on the platform of BE-Commerce Yiduqiao

3) Once the product has been approved, start of sales activities direct e-Commerce in China on Chinese servers or in Cross-Border

4) At the time of purchase the buyer pays on 1DUTE "Zero Cost" and awaits to receiving the purchased product

5) B2C (Retail): at the time of the actual receipt of the product, if the buyer/purchaser declares himself satisfied, Yiduqiao pays the producer/seller

B2B (Professional): payment to withdrawal of goods in the company from Yiduqiao

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