Permanent Fair Market for your business

Sunday, 30 November 2014 by Administrator

Your company products can be inserted in Yiduqiao e-Commerce Platform in China and/or in B2B Marketplaces. You can use this opportunity combined with your own e-Commerce because the data will arrive from our e-Procurement and there is not need to re-introduce any data or information. Also in this case, we manage all the activities: from logistic to delivery both retail and B2B.

Advantages for your company:

  • Fiscal & Customs advantages in Shanghai Free Trade Zone (FTZ)
  • Sourcing / Supply Chain Management
  • Product Labeling and Customs Procedure
  • B2B, e-Commerce, Retail and Social Commerce integrated between among them on site
    • Direct Warehouses Management (Dry, Frozen, Controlled Temperature)
  • Traceability / Product Qualification (Qiaotag)
  • Social Commerce using Chinese social Channels
  • Integrated with Yiduqiao BE-COMMERCE and BE-O2O platform (e-Commerce, B2B, O2O)

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